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Military, Western Toy Guns & 

Toy Bow & Arrow Sets

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Top Quality Toys for 2016
"Trail Master"
"Compact 308"
"High Country Hunter"



Toy Replica Guns - Frontier Rifles - Western Rifles - Military Rifles - Toy Metal Cap Guns - Frontier Pistols - Western Cap Guns - Western & Sports Air Guns - Toy Archery Sets - Other Fun Toys


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Tagball X

Gun - Vest - Target - Goggles - Patches - Ammo

Great Discounts and all in Stock!

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    • Stick Horse Rack
    • Pop Gun Rack
    • Racks that mix Frontier and Western guns

    Parris Mfg. History (click on image)

    Parris Manufacturing History

    Parris Manufacturing helps the American Troops and America during World War II.

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    2016 TRADE SHOWS

    Come and see us at one of our trade shows.  We travel across America so you can see and test all of our product lines.  Check out our list of shows and if you need more information let us know, we will be glad to help.

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    NEW 2016 Toy Survey Opinion Poll

    New Toys - New Ideas - Your Ideas

    Give us your opinion on our next toy.  Please mark an item that you think will sell at your store.  Then fill out our Survey Form and let us know your opinion about the new toy you have chosen.

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